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Welcome to Brain Body Life

You are in the right place if you are looking for solutions to navigating your life-stage HORMONE journey particularly peri menopause and beyond.  Did you know there is a bidirectional relationship with your gut microbiome, brain and hormones!

Thyroid issues + auto immunity are on my radar as I know all about this one personally!

Gut health is so important for your WHOLE health & your immunity too. And we all have a stress load that deserves a game plan, tools and techniques and powerful mind-habits so you can enjoy your best YOU!  And clever to nourish your brain whatever your age and ponder how to lengthen your health span!

The body achieves what the mind believes


Gut challenges, constipation, bloating, food reactions, exhaustion, unstable blood sugar, sleep issues, weight imbalances, feeling toxic &/or inflamed, pain, infections, autoimmunity, irregular periods, menopause symptoms, low mood, anxiety & brain fog, burn-out, stress over-load, worry, lack of confidence, difficult life transitions, ageing brain + body,

stuck perceptions & mindset…

These are typical symptoms clients talk to me about every day - what about YOU?

Where possible it’s great to seek out root cause resolution over symptom management.

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel


Or just as importantly you want to stay at your best as you travel through your life time.


Let go of your story so the universe can write a new one


Are you ready to get REAL, to elevate your WELLNESS so you can be FREE to choose the life you love?

Get into the habit of asking, does this support the life I’m trying to create?


Meet Karen McCallum 

I’m pretty sure we’ll have some things in common…


I work with amazing human beings who are seeking ways to feel awesome in their brain and body and enrich their lives.  Yes mostly women seek me out and I’m here to support your loved ones too.


Health challenges are often a wakeup call, it was for me…30 years ago with an autoimmune thyroid diagnosis. I’ve learnt a lot since then, not only in my own health journey, but with the many years of clients I’ve supported.


I use my qualifications + study + clinical experience 20+ years in natural medicine, Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism and NLP (mind) Master Practitioner + Trainer/Mbit Coach (multiple brains integration techniques) + positive neuroplasticity (brain retraining) to support a holistic + integrative/functional framework. 

Karen McCallum

Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (Inc)


Get in touch... 

021 850 788

My Approach

My Approach

I offer support for everyday health and the best strategy of all staying well! And for those who have a deeper need a personally designed and supported program.

I’m particularly passionate about all things to do with optimising and balancing your;

Hormone Journey, Gut Health, Thyroid Issues & Autoimmunity, Stress Load & Brain Health & Extending Health Span 


It’s helpful to understand the interconnectedness of your health picture and decipher the message of your time line & symptoms - that’s often where the magic lies in discovering and directing your brain and body's wants and needs to live a life you love.


I’m here to partner with you to understand your wellness experience, I find helping you make sense of your journey is health enhancing. I’m about keeping it real, meeting you where you are at and defining where I can help.  I don’t underestimate the power of connection and insightful conversation when it comes to wellness journeys.  In our work together I break it down in doable steps you can incorporate into your life.

Practice Areas

It’s my mission to help YOU travel through your personal journey

Supporting Women’s health throughout all life stages to feel good in your body & metabolism.


Women are pros at taking care of others.  It’s my hope that we will take care of ourselves better!


Hormone Health

Period health, perimenopause and beyond are critical windows of health and can be tipping points so I hope to motivate you to enter change phases as well as you can be.


For sure times of hormonal change can amplify underlying health issues.

Personalised Natural Medicine - herbal and nutritional supplements & wellness consultations.


Options for functional testing around gut & microbiome, food reactivity, hormones & metabolism, thyroid health.


Gut Health

Digestion, bloating, IBS, SIBO, candida,  leaky gut, healthy bowel function, inflammation, detoxification, 80% of your immune system is inside your gut! 

The state of our gut is integral to how we feel physically and mentally.  I know the gut microbiome can be a key to a healthier and happier you.

You can’t beat the right-fit choices for food and lifestyle to influence your best health, enhancing mind habits and optimising daily rhythms.

Self-awareness and insight are key around owning and reducing habits that hurt and elevating those that heal.


Brain Health

Your brain is truly the most amazing part of your body, and of course is impacted by the health of your body.

Signs of concern - burn out, brain fog, high stress load, to relax & restore as you go with slower, longer and deeper breathing & a reset massage!


Women’s WHOLE Wellness Naturopath


Natural Healthcare Clinic for All


Diet, Lifestyle & Mind Habits Coaching

Where to Start

I offer a complimentary 10 min phone call so you can ask any questions before we book you in for a consult either in person Grey Lynn, zoom or phone consults. Or if you are ready to get going fill out the contact form and I will be in touch to set a date and time.

Everyone starts with a consult and at the time of booking we can advise best option for time frames and investment.

Let’s talk about you…simply fill in the form below

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It’s CLEVER to be thinking about your immunity, oh as if you are not already! 

If you would like to fill out our immune health questionnaire as a start to receiving my natural medicine supplement recommendation & I can be in touch to book 15-30min review consults, can be zoom, phone or in clinic.

We can courier or you can collect your supplements from my Grey Lynn clinic

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