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Consultation Options
+ Bookings

Consultation Options

Complimentary 10 min phone call;

you can ask any questions & I can hear a little about you and your interest in working with me & book you in for a consult, options quick start or comprehensive - these can be zoom or in person or phone.



Quick start consults or follow up appointments 

  • 30 min $150

  • 45 min $200


Review or support with personalised natural medicine nutraceuticals​

  • 15 min $50

Comprehensive consult bookings

  • 60-90 min $250 to $350

Choose this option for a comprehensive start to your health assessment - which can include pre questionnaires.  If relevant during your health assessment we can discuss options for functional lab testing, blood testing, any quick start nutrition, lifestyle, stress load tips AND personalised natural medicine as a first step to begin.

Consult with Karen and what to expect;

please take some time to think about what is important for you to discuss prior to your consult,

below some points that we may cover off depending on what is relevant for you -

1. where you are at now

- main concerns

- relevant history

- current medications, supplements

- contributing factors

- your routines/experience around eating, movement, resting

- lifestyle and stress load/mind challenges

2. Goal posts or favourable outcomes you are after and your expectation of our work together


3. If you have any blood test results or specialist reports email through to me at least a day prior so I have time to look at these prior to your consult


4. We can discuss next steps & consultation packages or program options and payment can be made via credit card, eftpos if you are coming in person or deposit at the end of your session.

5. If I am prescribing natural medicines they can be collected or we courier direct to you once payment has been received.


6. If you have any questions prior to your consult email is often the easiest in the first instance.

consultation package;

  • 3 sessions 45min $570

1. initlal consultation  + discuss any lab testing + make a start with nutraceuticals 

2. review any testing results and integrate steps into your wellness plan and priorities around diet, lifestyle & stress load etc. 

3. follow-up how you feel, how you are finding your plan and decide next steps

option to continue on after consultation with any of the monthly coaching programs. 

Check out our Personalised Coaching ~ Monthly Programs here.



NB Additional cost Functional testing and natural medicine herbal & nutritional nutraceuticals personalised and discussed during your consult. Payment to be made at end of consult either eftpos (in person) credit card or bank deposit.


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Clinic Address
Villa 58/386 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn, Auckland.
Tuesday - Friday
10am - 5pm
Contact Details
Tel: 021 850 788

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My Process
Karen McCallum - Brain Body Life

My Process - Discovery Consultations

prestart questions – bring in or email any relevant blood/specialist reports, medications or supplements you are currently taking and anything that you would like to bring into our discussion.  Here we will have a really good conversation to understand where you are at, what has led you to now and what you want my help with.  And recommend best options and next steps and make a start.

Karen McCallum - Brain Body Life

next steps for further discovery around body systems, map out options for functional testing and start some easy shifts to influence your health positively.

Karen McCallum - Brain Body Life

recommend best path forward Integrating testing results, design your personal roadmap and monthly priorities – stages and steps to reset diet & lifestyle, restore body systems and rebalance mind-habits & daily rhythms will unfold with relevant resources, tips and tools and action steps.

* A minimum of 3 likely 6 months depending on chronicity/complexity, a time frame relevant for you - for some and this can be evaluated as you travel forward with monthly plans.

Are you ready to get REAL and elevate your WELLNESS so you can be FREE to choose the life you love?

It’s my mission to help YOU travel through your personal journey WELL!

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