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Karen McCallum - Brain Body Life

Kind words from amazing human-beings...

Feeling broken and low capacity to coping with a big life!

I started working with Karen some years ago and I am all the better for it. When we first met I was very mentally low and my health in a poor state. I felt confused as to where to start and thankfully Karen addresses the whole body and the mind and supported me in developing healthy habits and simple practices into my life. 

She connected to my ‘why’ and gave me the ‘how’ steps and I can hear her saying "it's got to work for you right?".


I thoroughly recommend Karen and her skills are a healthy addition to anyone seeking anything from a tune up to a recovery from a break down. 

Helen - Stanmore Bay

Struggling to focus

I have been working with Karen on my health particularly around my brain and mind but also preventatively as I had a heart attack with no warning in my 30’s.  Karen is warm, friendly, compassionate, real and has great sense of humour.  I feel I can talk to her about anything. I went to Karen for multiple reasons, the key one being brain function.  I was struggling to focus, I wasn’t retaining information, I was forgetting what I wanted to say part way through a sentence and had terrible brain fog.

I had results very quickly; initially I saw her regularly every 2 weeks and then progressed to monthly sessions and now 2 years on my health in general is in a much better place.  

Karen’s knowledge is extensive. I consider myself very lucky that our paths have crossed and can’t imagine not having Karen to call on for anything wellness related.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen.

Sherie - Parnell

Hitting a wall body + mind

Three years ago, at the age of 40, I felt as if no matter what I tried or did I was still hitting wall after wall with my health.  I met Karen, who after our first meeting I really felt had a full understanding of my issues and frustrations from a body, wellbeing and mental perspective.  Over the last three years I have been on a challenging journey, with amazing support from Karen.


Through her knowledge, guidance and advice I have been able to improve and maintain my health both physically and mentally.  Our conversations are always a highlight and I feel Karen is always genuinely dedicated to me and what I have been going through.  

Marina - Remurea

A holistic approach to release stress burden

I have struggled long-term with compromised health, receiving sporadic assistance from the public system and trying various holistic routes, all without avail.  Just over a year and a half ago that all turned around with my amazing fortune of meeting Karen. 


My wellness journey for the past year and a half has been a tremendous challenge, and I truly have been blessed to have Karen's knowledge, support, compassion and friendship to come out the other side. She is an unquestionable wealth of information, and tirelessly takes the time to ensure the steps along the way make sense to you.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Karen - a truly lovely professional with a heart of gold.

Kirsty - Hamilton

I was burned out and now living a life I’m designing!

Before meeting Karen I was working too much, eating on the run and didn't really know how to put my health first. My cortisol was high and my hormones were out of whack. I was so burned out that I couldn't even go for a short walk without collapsing on the couch. My immune system was low and I caught every bug going! 

I'm so thankful to have found Karen and she has been my wellness coach for one and a half years now. She just 'gets it' - she's intuitive and has guided me to being more aware of my wellbeing and how to be putting my health first. This has resulted in me feeling the best I've felt for a long time. I have so much more energy now and I feel that my life has more balance. I'm back hiking and doing the odd trail run too. 

I've made positive decisions about my work and decided to change jobs to something less stressful and personally empowering. Working with Karen offers so much more than getting your supplements and your diet right, she works with you to achieve a truly integrated outcome.  

Kirsten - Nslson

Understanding me and my health challenges and moving forward with hope

I am so thankful I made the choice to be seeing Karen as my health and wellness coach.  I was feeling out of sorts and struggling with overwhelm and anxiety to achieve in a day what is required as I get older has been tough.  Since menopause I have felt older and grumpier and somewhat stuck in how to feel more alive.

Karen is amazing at listening and giving the right advice that seems the best fit for me on each part of the wellness journey.  She has helped me with small steps of change to begin and over time it’s been huge shifts to how I feel now.

She has an infinite knowledge of functional wellness and is excellent at communicating that at a level I can understand and then get into right action day to day.  And along the way I feel I’ve found a rhythm in my life that was missing.

I highly recommend Karen as a partner on your journey of health and reclaiming your life over 60.

Lisa - Christchurch

Feeling pretty lost and hopeless

I had worked with other health practitioners in fact quite a few and never really felt like I was winning.  I had been prescribed antidepressants a few years ago and didn’t feel any positive lift so was feeling pretty lost and hopeless.  I wasn’t eating well, drinking too much alcohol and lacking direction.

When I met Karen to be honest I didn’t hold out much belief she could help but I had a glimmer that just maybe she was the one that could after my first consultation.  We together journeyed down a more holistic path, she reminded me of the things in my life that bought me joy – playing my guitar and singing wow sounds obvious but I just wasn’t doing anything that made me feel better.  

Slowly I felt the fog lift from my brain, and thankfully the irritation and aggressiveness I felt deeply for some time started to resolve.  It was a few months before I knew for sure I was on the right path, and I acknowledge it was an important investment for me to keep going.  I am now signing off from our catchups because I feel I have got to an amazing place where I love my life, the things that used to bother me just go over my head and I feel like I can thrive and be productive in my daily life.

Sam - Auckland

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