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Karen McCullam Naturopath

Areas of Expertise

Often in our discussions; hormonal shifts, gut challenges, exhaustion, sleep issues, weight imbalances, toxicity, autoimmunity, mood, anxiety & brain overload, burn out, stress, pressure + worry can be part of the picture.


Let's think about these as degrees of brain-body-life influencing each other, so it's helpful in our discussion to be connecting the dots and creating a plan for your priorities.

Pondering your hormonal timeline? Around 40-ish is when women come in to talk about Midlife changes that they are experiencing. Or it's in your 50's and now its really time - don't wait be proactive!

Book a time wherever you are in your hormone journey and let's chat.

Interesting times, we are universally changing the way we live and work and value health.

More so than ever we are questioning WHAT IS really important day to day, what to let go of and what to invest in. My hope is our world gets back to some fundamentals to drive healthier and happier human beings through these changing times! A lot of us are having a new sense of contentment in simplifying, letting go of stuff and feeling better with less as a form of self-care!  Let's chat about where you are at...

Start Your WELLNESS Journey Today!


Women’s Wellness Naturopath & Coach

Supporting Women’s health throughout all life stages to feel awesome in your body with a flexible metabolism.

Women are pros at taking care of others.  It’s my hope that we will take care of ourselves better!


Hormone Health

Period health, perimenopause and beyond are critical windows of health and can be tipping points so I hope to motivate you to enter change phases as well as you can be.


For sure times of hormonal change can amplify underlying health issues.  there are homone receptors in our brain & body - no wonder it's a big deal.


Natural Healthcare Nutraceutical Clinic 

Personalised Natural Medicine - herbal and nutritional nutraceuticals & wellness consultations.

Options for functional lab testing e.g. gut & microbiome, food reactivity, hormones & metabolism, thyroid health.


Gut Health

Digestion, bloating, IBS, SIBO, candida,  leaky gut, healthy bowel function, inflammation, detoxification, 80% of your immune system is inside your gut!

The state of our gut is integral to how we feel physically and mentally.  I know the gut microbiome can be a key to a healthier and happier you.


Diet, Lifestyle & Mind Habits Coaching

You can’t beat the right-fit choices for food and lifestyle to influence your best health, enhancing mind habits and optimising daily rhythms.

Self-awareness and insight are key around owning and reducing habits that hurt and elevating those that heal.


Brain Health

Your brain is truly the most amazing part of your body, and of course is impacted by the health of your body.


Signs of concern - burn out, brain fog, high stress load without the counter balance!  Diet, lifestyle, exercise & nutraceuticals can increase BDNF & neuroplasticity & ageing better too.

Personalised Coaching ~ Monthly Programs

Personalised Coaching ~ Monthly Programs

Three options;

1. RESET Health Foundations   OR   2. OPTIMIZE Body Systems   OR   3. JUMP into our 12 week program

1. RESET Health Foundations - get back into the groove of wellness 1 to 3 months

Personalising priorities; nutrition, lifestyle, natural medicine & daily rhythms/mind habits plus resources, tips.

Over the month 80 mins diary time i.e. 2 x 40 min plus email support $360.

2. OPTIMIZE Body Systems -  let's go deeper and connect the dots 3 to 6 months

Includes health foundations PLUS option for review blood lab & functional lab testing these go overseas eg. gut & microbiome, food reactivity, hormones/metabolism and thyroid profile...integrate this info into a personalised program

​Over the month 120 mins diary time i.e. sessions 60min twice a month plus email support $490.

3. JUMP into our 12 week program - RESET & OPTIMISE energy, focus & joy-enjoyment 

  • It's a 12-week program that follows on from your pre-program consult

  • With the aim of you experiencing 'better energy, focus & joy-enjoyment by addressing the health of your GUT-BRAIN-HORMONAL wellness.

  • Each fortnight of the program builds on the fortnight before so just imagine 12 weeks into the future it's a small amount of time that will be WELL worth it.

  • I've designed the order of this program to shift your whole health in the right direction, you will gain insight, motivation, guidance & resources within your personal program.

  • We can discuss the option for functional lab testing & I will be recommending personalized nutraceuticals, both these options are additional cost to the program investment.

Step 1 depending on how complex your health picture is your initial consult will be 45 to 90 mins - investment $200 to $350 this is an important set up for your program creation.

Step 2 booking your 12 weekly sessions - alternating fortnightly 40min implementation session and the next week 20min follow up integration session. Choose in person, zoom or phone and the 20min can be zoom or phone and there will be email support as you need along the way.


    Overview - reset & optimize energy, focus and joy-enjoyment program 

   week 1 & 2    - nutrition, gut health & cellular energy/nutrient deficiencies

   week 3 & 4    - rebooting your systems with lifestyle medicine

   week 5 & 6    - stress load; living in red yellow, green or blue mind zone  plus mental & adrenal health

   week 7 & 8    - metabolic flexibility & toxic-inflammatory load and liver health

   week 9 & 10  -  hormonal life & wellbeing

   week 11 & 12   integration and life priorities

  • investment is $1590 or 3 payments $550 1st, 4th & 8th week

  • if you choose any of the testing payment is made at time of you collecting the test kit, we will be reviewing & integrating your results, adding appropriate actions & nutraceuticals into your program when most useful

  • NB payment made for personalized nutraceuticals as implemented into your program

For all programs;

Sessions are booked & paid monthly in advance, it’s useful to think about programs as outcome orientated rather than time dictated.

*Note additional cost for recommended Natural Medicine nutraceuticals average monthly estimate $200 to $500 and functional lab testing investment can range from $500 to $2,000 and dictated by what is going to work for you, your health presentation, time-wise & investment.

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Natural Medicine Healthcare consultations

Reset-Optimize packages

Women’s Wellness peri-post menopause Naturopath

Life stage personalised programs

Diet, Lifestyle & Mind Habits Coaching

Functional Lab Testing 

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