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Karen McCallum - Brain Body Life


  • What is the best way to start as a new client to your clinic?
    Everyone starts with a consult and from that conversation I can recommend best options going forward for you personally, and you can always start with a 10 min complimentary phone call so I can answer any immediate questions and book you in. Get in touch here!
  • What conditions or symptoms do your consultations cover?
    My aim is to get you feeling relief quickly so we may work with symptom relief, and ideally understand the root cause/s of your overall health presentation. So yes, where possible making sense of your dis-ease as triggers, drivers & imbalances and a good example clients can present with the same disease but the causes and even the symptom presentation can be very different. Do send a quick email regarding your condition or use our 10min complimentary phone call with Karen to ask your questions regarding this. Email me at or call me on 021 850 788
  • Can I do the testing without a consult?
    No, the testing is recommended within your consultation and discussed as part of your forward clinic participation and often the integrated results are best supported via monthly coaching programs and protocols to address the results and we can personalize what is best.
  • I’m on a budget can you still support me with consultations?
    Yes, we appreciate finances are often part of the stress load and contributing to your health situation, so we do our best to discuss your options & support you in the best way accordingly.
  • I don’t live in Auckland can I still do consultations and receive natural medicine supplements?
    Yes, we can still operate the same, either zoom video or phone consults and your supplements can be couriered to you
  • Can you order blood tests?
    No as I am not part of the mainstream medical profession, but I can recommend what you can self-request and pay for with labtests or visit your GP with my suggestions and they may be willing to write you a lab form accordingly.
  • I can’t afford to do the testing is it still useful to do the consultations?
    Yes, as part of your consultation we can discuss your options and work best with your health and your personal investment situation accordingly.
  • How do I re-order my supplements that you have prescribed for me?
    Easy if you don’t need a follow-up consult you can email us your order, once payment is made your order will be sent. For Auckland clients that want to collect we have a collection box available outside the clinic. If you want reassessment or have questions you can book 1/4hr review $50
  • I don’t have zoom or know how to use it can we still have a consult?
    Yes, by phone and zoom is easy google how to use zoom step by step for beginners and you can also watch a video on YouTube, zoom is free to use.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Ideally let us know asap we appreciate life happens; 48 hours is helpful so we can offer your space to another client. Without 24 hour’s notice you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee or rebooking fee.
  • Is there parking?
    Parking on street, generally you will find something within walking distance.
  • Can I make Insurance or ACC claims for your consultations or supplements?
    No at this stage we are deemed outside the usual model of healthcare insurance.
  • What happens if there are covid restrictions and I can’t see you in person?
    The clinic can operate fully via zoom video conferencing and phone consults, it may mean there are courier delays with your supplements arriving to you.
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